HIPAA-compliant instant messenger for the healthcare

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Frisbee enables people in isolation to seek medical advice and obtain daily support from remote doctors and nurses.
Optimize communication
Making healthcare virtually easy
Frisbee helps doctors communicate with their patients and other healthcare professionals.
Frisbee optimizes communication by replacing phone calls, emails and meetings. Frisbee allows you to prioritize which is conversation is addressed first.
Privacy is important
• Built with Health Level Seven (HL7).
• HIPAA-compliance and state of the art security features. • Organize medical practice work spaces.
• Make data anonymous during research.
cross platform
Available on any device or use our web-version
• Doctor-to-patient, doctor-to-doctor, doctor-to-insurance.
• Document, image, and video sharing with preview.
• Fully searchable message and attachment history.
• Voice calls with searchable transcriptions.
• Automated medical questionnaires for patients.
• Working hours and do-not-disturb mode for doctors.
• Replies, mentions, and emoji.
Customized Chatbots
AI Chatbots for patients saves money and time
• Patient assessments.
• Organize patient pathways.
• Medication management.
• Help with urgent yet routine questions.
• Medication guides.
• Customized automations.
Frisbee is available on any platform
Payment per professional only, no fees per patient
$50 USD/mo
Payment per professional only, no fees per patient
$300 USD/mo
Payment per professional only, no fees per patient
Upon Request
HIPAA-compliant instant messaging and voice calls with searchable transcriptions

Organized conversations in medical practice workspaces
(doctor-to-patient, doctor-to-doctor, doctor-to-insurance)

Document, image, and video sharing with preview

Fully searchable message and attachment history

Working hours and do-not-disturb mode for doctors
All standard features and:

Automated medical questionnaires for patients

Streamlined administration with centralized controls and customizable policies

Support with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support with a four-hour response time
All pro features and:

On-premise private cloud deployment

Enterprise integratios

Tailored support with a designated account and customer success team
your savings
with Frisbee
Why Frisbee?
Patients are allowed to text or email you any protected health information (PHI) that they want. That is patients private information and they have the right to do with it as they please.
If you would like to enter into a conversation about a patient's health, you need to make sure you are properly secured. You are not allowed to forward that information or continue an email conversation about PHI in an unsecured way.

Frisbee vs Email
Email has established itself as a standard, but it does not meet actual requirements and is not designed for HIPAA-compliant PHI exchange. Email messaging may cause a chaos with addressee or file losses or issues with find a necessary information in your inbox. HIPAA requires you to make patients aware of the risk of communicating their PHI via an unsecured channel and to obtain their consent prior to doing so. If the patient is not comfortable discussing their PHI over text or email, you should move the conversation to a secure method such as Frisbee.
Frisbee vs WhatsApp
Public messengers such as Whatsapp and Telegram are very useful and comfortable for personal chit-chatting and even some business purpose in everyday communications. But WhatsApp and Telegramm is not HIPAA-compliant and cannot be used to transmit PHI. It does not have the proper safeguards in place to protect the sensitive information. Healthcare organizations may use WhatsApp to communicate basic information or de-identified PHI, but to maintain HIPAA compliance, PHI cannot be sent using the messaging platform.
Frisbee vs Slack and Microsoft Teams
While Microsoft Teams and Slack theoretically can meet the needs of HIPAA, but it is still not native functionality which requires a lot of reservations and exceptions such as:
- requirements to be Enterprise Grid plan,
- execute a Business Associate Agreement,
- not use App to communicate with patients, plan members, or their families or employers,
- excluding messages and files, members of your organization may not include PHI when using other app features,
- carry responsibilities for using App APIs to implement tools and processes for monitoring your members' use of App. For example, customers need to use Slack's Discovery APIs and set up an external Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provider to enforce message and file restrictions and exports.
Frisbee vs Mattermost
Both Frisbee and Mattermost allow for HIPAA-compliant communication across various forms of messaging providing a secure collaboration platform to corporate users with an on-premise option and full source code control. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee includes a complete private cloud bringing scalability beyond 10,000 users and 1,000 messages per second. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee enables full customization of encryption algorithms both for messages and voice calls to meet national and professional security standards.
Frisbee vs Klara
Klara App (along with WellApp, Trillian, Paubox, etc) web-based communication platforms meet demands of HIPAA and PHI/e-PHI exchange requirements in major, but does not provide full cross-platform native functionality with clean and clear group policies and collaboration security, do not provide cloud/on-premise platform with no transparent scalability options (pricing exponentially increasing depends of number of users). Being a software driven by one major customer does not meet flexibility requirements to meet requirements of the industry in general.
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