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Incident Management

The incident management system will allow you to receive real-time information from race team leaders, volunteers and involved employees about all incidents and force majeure circumstances during the event.

Incidents are recorded in a few clicks: a photo, a brief description of the problem or voice message and geolocation.

The system will automatically notify responsible managers about the severity of the incident and its status.

Automation of work with all volunteers
Collect volunteer application forms.

Search and filter by any criteria: age, education, history of participation in events, etc.

Gather the ratings made by managers for each volunteer for work with the most responsible and involved.
Save time on training and testing the knowledge of volunteers
Send training materials to volunteers (first aid, fire safety, work with human flows and others).

Conduct online testing and allocate volunteers on positions according to their skill and preferences.
Tasks automated with chatbots
Frisbee provides integration with existing task planners via chat bots.

Using chatbots automate and simplifies any organizational process: from the business trip planning to one-touch voting by committee members.

Сhat bots do not sleep, do not go to lunch or on vacation and work in 24x7 mode.
All data owned by your organization
If employee leaves organization, the account gets disabled so you don't have to remove this person manually from all the channels.

Frisbee is also compatible with hybrid architectures and deployable to both public and private clouds.
Real-time collaboration on all your devices
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Make your team more productive

For sports organizations trying Frisbee
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For organizers of large sports events
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