Enterprise Collaboration for Service Providers

Exceptional level of security, fault tolerance and scalability that brings additional revenue from your customer base
The world will never be the same again after the pandemic
Corporations are adding work-from-home and cross-border hiring policies. Mark Zuckerberg expects half of the workforce to do their jobs outside Facebook's offices over the next 5 years.
For people who have transitioned to working remotely, enterprise messengers such as Frisbee have become irreplaceable and vital communication tools.
Value-added services for your B2B and B2G
  • Running in a standard cloud environment, Frisbee requires no capital investment
  • Risk-free revenue-sharing model
  • Increased ARPU
Fully Customizable
  • White label / re-branding
  • Runs in a private cloud in your data center
  • CRM, customer support and billing integrations
  • Custom security policies
  • Any language
Chatbots automating the routine
  • Booking business travel and vacations
  • Recruitment questionnaires
  • Voting bots
Frisbee beta is available on any platform
Why Frisbee?
Frisbee vs Email
Email has established itself as a standard for communication in government structures, but it does not meet modern requirements and is not designed for quick conversations. Email messaging may cause a chaos with addressee or file losses. It is also hard to read after 7 letters in a chain and find a necessary information in your inbox. Frisbee provides modern collaboration and brings order to your correspondence with workspaces, group chats, hashtags and personalized notifications.
Frisbee vs WhatsApp and Telegram
Public messengers such as Whatsapp and Telegram are ideal for personal chit-chatting and even some businesses are trying to use them in working communications. But public messengers provides no management capability for user directory, data residency, and data retention policies. Frisbee combines the user experience of public messengers and functionality that is necessary for effective corporate collaboration powered by various deployment options.
Frisbee vs Slack and Microsoft Teams
While Slack and Microsoft Teams are great products, their business model does not let service providers to leverage their existing customer base and infrastructure. Frisbee is hosted on the service provider infrastructure and becomes a new value-added service (VAS) under the provider's brand.
Frisbee vs Mattermost
Both Frisbee and Mattermost provide a secure collaboration platform to corporate users with an on-premise option and full source code control. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee includes a complete private cloud bringing scalability beyond 10,000 users and 1,000 messages per second. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee enables full customization of encryption algorithms both for messages and voice calls to meet national security standards.
Frequently asked questions
How does the revenue share model work?
  • The service provider is responsible for sales and marketing of the new service
  • Cloud Atlas is responsible for software customization, deployment and maintenance
  • The service is deployed either on the provider or third-party infrastructure
  • End-users pays a subscription fee for the service to the service provider
  • The service provider pays Cloud Atlas a percentage of the actual revenue or a fixed license fee based on the number of active users.
Why are public messengers not a good fit for professional users?
  • History and files are stored on third-party servers. As a result, information leaks and lack of investigation tools
  • Numerous security scandals with public messengers. For example, Google indexed WhatsApp groups links and a third party user could become a member of a group.
  • Device change cause message history loss
  • Former employees have access to message history
  • Risk of mistaken chats and sending confidential information
  • Possible mass disruptions and unavailability of services
Why is Email not suitable for internal communication?
  • Frequent loss of files when sending or forwarding emails
  • Correspondence is hard to read after 7 letters in a chain
  • Someone can "drop out" of correspondence if they have not been added to the carbon copy or just pressed "reply" instead of "reply all"
  • E-mail is not designed for rapid discussions
  • It's hard to find the information you need in your mail history
How does Frisbee differ from its competitors?
  • Possibility to install on your own hardware equipment in a trusted data center
  • Frisbee cloud architecture supports an unlimited number of users with an over 1000 messages per second. Most enterprise messengers cannot handle a flow of more than 500 messages per second.
  • No need to purchase additional licenses for third-party solutions for platform functioning, such as server operating system licenses
  • Compliance with the laws of the country of use. Ability to use certified encryption tools
  • Flexible solution with open API to integrate with third-party services
  • Logo and interface colors can be customized according to the Customer's requirements
  • Premium 24/7 technical support
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