A complete solution for integration into your marketplace

Frisbee API and components make it easy to integrate the messenger to communicate between users of your platform. Fast and secure
Ultimate Security, Customizable
Voice calls and messages encrypted in accordance with the national standards
Private cloud deployment in a trusted data center
Logging, auditing and moderation tools
Frisbee Replaces Public Messengers
State-of-the-art messenger ergonomics
Communication within your application
Unlimited message history archive depth
Fully Customizable
White label / re-branding
Custom security policies
Any language
Frisbee is available on any platform
App Store
Why Frisbee?
Frisbee vs WhatsApp and Telegram
Public messengers such as Whatsapp and Telegram are ideal for personal chit-chatting but they are not providing their APIs and components for business needs. However if your service leads your clients to another messengers they are at risk of lack of moderation and personal data leakage - public messengers store all the data on third-party servers and are well-known for their numerous security scandals. Integrating Frisbee components in your service guarantees your clients with security and GDPR compliance.
Frisbee vs Sendbird
Both Sendbird and Frisbee provides essential messaging features like one-on-one chat, group chat, file sharing etc. While this functionality might be enough to fulfill most of business demands, Frisbee also provides on-premise deployment options and customizable encryption for companies looking to protect their user's correspondence. For those ones who concern about flexible UI options and multi-language support, Frisbee offers it's best UI/UX practice and can be translated to any language.
Frisbee vs Talkjs
Talkjs and Frisbee are very similar in approach to providing an all-in-one chat solution with possible on-premise deployment options and highly customizable chat UI with multi language support. But Frisbee means more than a flexible messaging tool and powers it's users and clients with encrypted video and voice calls in a complex collaboration environment that support various integration options with third-party systems.
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