Enterprise Collaboration
for system integrators

Designed for privacy-conscious customers, Frisbee offers an exceptional level of security and flexibility. Partner us in delivering communication platform for working professionals
Empower your product portfolio
with secure communication ecosystem
Frisbee offers it's own scalable cloud infrastructure environment that can be deployed as fast as you need. No any additional licenses for third-party solutions for platform functioning, such as server operating system licenses.
When Trust matters
Supports various deployment options either in the cloud, private cloud or on-premises
Frisbee uses it's own scalable and fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure software and cyber-security platform
Customizable voice calls and message encryption
Commited to Our Success
Transparent partnership conditions
Use our marketing content, solution documentation and best practices demonstration Frisbee value
World-class engineers ready to support and share their expertise
Different needs
One technology
Flexible and customizable UI, white-labeling
Rich API to develop your own services, chat-bot support
100% Open-Source
Frisbee is available on any platform
Why Frisbee?
Frisbee vs WhatsApp and Telegram
Public messengers such as Whatsapp and Telegram are ideal for personal chit-chatting and even some businesses are trying to use them in working communications. But public messengers provides no management capability for user directory, data residency, and data retention policies. Frisbee combines the user experience of public messengers and functionality that is necessary for effective corporate collaboration powered by various deployment options.
Frisbee vs Slack and Microsoft Teams
While Slack and Microsoft Teams are great products, their business model does not let service providers to leverage their existing customer base and infrastructure. Frisbee is hosted on the service provider infrastructure and becomes a new value-added service (VAS) under the provider's brand.
Frisbee vs Mattermost
Both Frisbee and Mattermost provide a secure collaboration platform to corporate users with an on-premise option and full source code control. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee includes a complete private cloud bringing scalability beyond 10,000 users and 1,000 messages per second. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee enables full customization of encryption algorithms both for messages and voice calls to meet national security standards.
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