#1 Secure Collaboration for Government

Secure, resilient, and scalable messenger platform for regulated organizations
The world will never be the same again after the pandemic
Corporations are adding work-from-home and cross-border hiring policies. Mark Zuckerberg expects half of the workforce to do their jobs outside Facebook's offices over the next 5 years.
For people who have transitioned to working remotely, enterprise messengers such as Frisbee have become irreplaceable and vital communication tools.
Ultimate Security, Customizable
Voice calls and messages encrypted in accordance with the national standards.
Private cloud deployment in a trusted data center.
Logging and auditing tools.
Frisbee Replaces Emails
State-of-the-art messenger ergonomics.
Organised conversations in channels.
New employees can see the message history.
Chatbots automating the routine
Booking business travel and vacations.
Recruitment questionnaires.
Voting bots.
Frisbee is available on any platform
Available only for registered users.
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Why Frisbee?
Frisbee vs Email
Email has established itself as a standard for communication in government structures, but it does not meet modern requirements and is not designed for quick conversations. Email messaging may cause a chaos with addressee or file losses. It is also hard to read after 7 letters in a chain and find a necessary information in your inbox. Frisbee provides modern collaboration and brings order to your correspondence with workspaces, group chats, hashtags and personalized notifications.
Frisbee vs WhatsApp and Telegram
Public messengers such as Whatsapp and Telegram are ideal for personal chit-chatting and even some businesses are trying to use them in working communications. But public messengers store all the data on third-party servers and are well-known for their numerous security scandals. Frisbee combines the user experience of public messengers and functionality that is necessary for effective corporate collaboration powered by various deployment options.
Frisbee vs Slack and Microsoft Teams
For some organizations, modern collaboration means more than structured conversation. While Microsoft Teams and Slack can meet the needs of some business users who simply need to share documents and spreadsheets, Frisbee provides Self-hosted deployment on-premise or in private/public clouds for organizations looking to protect their communications and document sharing. Frisbee also offers a cross-platform collaboration environment with UI customization and provides outstanding control, privacy, and legal compliance.
Frisbee vs Mattermost
Both Frisbee and Mattermost provide a secure collaboration platform to corporate users with an on-premise option and full source code control. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee includes a complete private cloud bringing scalability beyond 10,000 users and 1,000 messages per second. Unlike Mattermost, Frisbee enables full customization of encryption algorithms both for messages and voice calls to meet national security standards.
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